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Men's Health

"A men's health issue is a disease or condition unique to men, more prevalent in men, more serious among men, for which risk factors are different for men, or for which different interventions are required for men" (Fletcher 1996)

Men, on the island of Ireland, experience a disproportionate burden of ill-health. Men are more likely to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and to become dependent upon alcohol than women, yet on average men seek medical advice 20% less frequently than women.

Prostate screening -this is recommended for all men from the age of 50-70 years (or from 40 years if there is a family history of prostate cancer). It involves an examination and PSA blood test : http://www.cancer.ie/cancer-information/prostate-cancer

Our mens healthcare services include:

COVID19 Update

This is our latest update regarding the current COVID19 situation.